Busy Bee’s Early Learning Center

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Quality Supervision and Education

Children are always learning, through games, books, school instruction. By providing a welcoming and peaceful environment backed by instructors skilled in early to mid-childhood development, our teachers at Busy Bee’s Early Learning Center in Baltimore, MD are able to provide children with a place to learn and grow.


Our Location

We are located in a quiet residential neighborhood with little crime or noise pollution. Surrounded by trees, our playground is shielded from street view most of the year and is secured with a quality fence.

We are located right outside of a school zone and count many children from the local elementary school as students when the final bell rings.

Our playground includes equipment and tools for children ages 6 months to 12 years.

Our Instructors

Every one of our instructors has been highly vetted to work with children as young as six months. We pride ourselves on only working with individuals with the training, education, and background clearances needed to provide the highest quality instruction in the safest possible environment. We follow, and whenever possible go beyond, state recommendations with regards to background checks and employment standards.

When looking over an application, the first thought we ask is, “Can we trust this person with our own children?”